We manage every transport request

Main Services

Transfers from / to:

- Ports

- Railway Stazions

- Hotels, b&b, hostels, campings

- Availability 24 hours a day

Travel Regulations

The daily availability of a driver can't exceed 12 hours of service

Over 12 hours of service, and no more than 20 hours, the presence of a second driver is required at a fixed cost of 150 E

Permissions to restricted areas, parking, driver's food and accomodation are customer's expense

Night service is available, from 9.00 pm to 6.00 pm with a 20% price increase on the ordinary rate

A 40% deposit is required before departure

Daily guide is allowed no more than 9 hours max. Every 4 hours and 30 minutes, 45 minutes of rest are observed

Daily rest is 11 consecutive hours over 24 hours with reduction to 9 consecutive hours 3 days a week to be recovered before the weekend

Weekly rest is 45 hours every 6 days of service with the possibility of reducing the rest to 24 uninterrupted hours with the obligation to recover the reduced rest before the end of the third week following

Failure to comply with the laws leads to the reduction of 2 points from the driver's license, in addition to the stop for the bus. Regarding above, about multi-day journeys it's important to pay attention to the start and end times of services